Aspects of Green Empower need to be International. The US government and the Capitalist class have a huge capacity to crush us domestically. I believe that to overthrow the systems that oppress us we need to seek cooperation abroad.

Nationalism is a problem. Culture can be exchanged healthily and fruitfully.

Action through silence.

Sometimes it's more meaningful to not talk about something or resist having a conversation about something than talking about it all together.

Too often during the Trump era many smart people were made to think or converse about that president and this is unfortunate because it tends to do more of a service to the fascists than anyone else.

The fascists know who they are and know that under most conditions they are not worth the rest of our brain space but when they get the change to occupy that space they take whether or not you think positively about them or not. They are just looking for a critical minority support to happen that they need to achieve power.

Right now everyone is talking about Cuba. Many opportunists, conservative and liberal alike see this as an opportunity to attack the Cuban government.

We need to resist that as leftists, instead we draw attention to the 50 year embargo. Don't engage on the merits of the Cuban government at this time, because it is besides the point. The actions that are government has taken against that government and it's people have been far more damaging than what they could accomplish themselves, so at this time we are need willing to talk about the Cuban government, because it is mostly irrelevant.

It is known that conservatives here want regime change in Cuba. As long as non-capitalist, non-America friendly nations exist they will always be a threat to our ruling class. They can not have other nations succeed under those conditions and as we have seem they will prevent that at all costs.

Out of sight out of mind

It seems seems that as soon as an issue subsides it goes far away until it recurs again.

My laptop crashes on a semi-regular basis. Every time it does this I am forced to restore everything back to where it was, because my programs are buggy and cannot seem to do that themselves properly.

Every time I am required to go through this long and tedious process I start to resolve myself to somehow fix the issue, yet I never do and the cycle repeats.

I think this happens to people at a larger scale too. Once an issue such as poverty is not facing you immediately (you gain wealth), the whole notion becomes increasingly irrelevant to you.

Yet both issues are recurring. The bug keeps popping up in my life and poverty is a recurring part of human existence. Yet when we have the best ability to combat these issues (and are not personally afflicted by them) they somehow get misrepresented in our brains. Before they were very important, but now they are undervalued.

We need to do better as a species.

Model Organizations

The Black Panthers

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