Green Empower Licenses

So we shall administer our own licenses.

Initially there will be a license to fulfill a large range of requirements applied to general purpose data across multiple applicable physical states and localities.

The licenses will be leftist.

We state that pure socialism is the next logical stage after capitalism; yet most predominant countries (if any) have not implemented pure socialism.

(Disambiguation) Pure socialism applies when a country has completely rid itself of private capitalist relations. Most countries that some would call 'socialist' are actually a mix of socialist and capitalist characteristics.

The license needs to adapt to these scenarios. In the case that business is being done in one of these impure countries than the manifestation of the license will be different locally.

It has been the issue that idealist projects, which would rather use a license such as the GPL3, have had to settle with a weaker license as they have ascertained that the GPL3 would be a negative in obtaining the wide scale adoption that they desire.

This is an issue of pragmatism. So, in the case of a country like the USA our license would need to give favor to worker owned co-ops as they, as we see it, are the most logical progression and alternative to private enterprise in the context of a country that has not yet developed a large leftist foothold of affairs and political infrastructure.

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