Issues and Areas of Investigation

Enviroment, Taxation, Health Care, LGBTQIA+, Militarisation, Immigration, Affordable Living, Social Safety Net, Social Services, Mental Health, Education, Divestment (from capitalism), Internationalism, Homelessness and Guaranteed Housing, Good Jobs Guaranteed, Abolition, Criminal Justice Abolition, Intellectual Property Abolition, Trafficking and Global Exploitation, Mass Incarceration



Apparently over 25k people die each day due to hunger according to the United Nations.


Wealth Disparity

Wealth Disparity is the most prescient disparity that I know of. We are incredibly unequal in the USA and the world when it comes to wealth. This is probably the worst inequality issue, because of it's impact on peoples lives.

There at least 100k people (probably more) in the USA living with obscene wealth, where others live in squander.


Social/Cultural Monopoly

It's an issue when groups try to monopolize ideas (ex. The American right tries to monopolize guns and law and order.)


I take issue with how academia has monopolized intellectualism. That's an issue, because intellectualism exists outside of academic hierarchy and bureaucracy. When people associate intellectualism with this there is an issue.


Different political groups and entities try to monopolize productivity. You may see a politician, a political pundit or an entire political party trying to suggest that we, he, or she will 'get things done'. This is toxic.

Social / Cultural

Social / Cultural Performance

People are often coerced into performing a role for society that may not benefit them. For example, toxic masculinity may force a young male into being something he is not physically or mentally incline to be. Or, a smart young man may be coerced to act in a scholarly way or to achieve in school, even though this is not his inclination.

Unsolicited Advice


Neoliberalism is weak and reactionary ideology. It can't exist without fascism. When fascism fades neoliberalism looses its purpose, which is to act as an alternative to fascism.




This is an issue.



World Bank

Apparently the World Bank artificially creates poverty by manufacturing and altering that standard to advance their own aims and make capitalism look good.


Imperialist and Capitalist Intervention

The US and others have famously intervened in communist and socialist experiments.

Death Squads

In Nicaragua the US funded the Contras to go around and mass rape, torture, mutilate and kill people to stop the Communist Sandinista's.


How does scarcity effect peoples minds and experiences? Does growing up poor predispose you to act greedily?

Overton Window


Slavery, Exploitation and Trafficking

Mass Incarceration

America has the highest incarceration rate in the world. It is ridiculous, disgusting and embarrassing.

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a global issue. It is abhorrent.




Self Preservation and Self Centered-ness

People with these traits have an advantage in society over people that are not so concerned with themselves sadly. It's why our leadership tends to be so pathetic when compared to the everyday person.

This is a huge issue for people like me who have mental health and illness issues. We are not always capable of looking after or recognizing threats to our well being. Many of us are very capable, intelligent and creative. While illness needs to be addressed, it's important to recognize that many of our eccentricities are not necessarily 'disabilities' or really even issues for us outside of societal context.