Services, Issues and Areas of Research

Lower Cost of Living Innovation and Alternatives

One great way of lifting people up and bolstering humanity is by increasing access to necessities for life and preferably even the material things that help to satisfy our higher needs.

A great way to increase access is to lower costs of essential goods through, research, innovation and infrastructure investments. Although this action alone is not a solution to inequality or other systemic inadequacies, it is worthwhile.

At the very least it may help put us (the masses) in a better position to question authority, as we become less preoccupied by lower order needs.

Liability Management

Insurance. This is an area of need in the US where companies engage in antisocial behavior.

Commune Organizing

Helping people form leftist units of organization on the basis of mutual aid and alliances.

Democratic Enforcements, Systems and Services

Services and products for administering, building and maintaining democracy in organizational and deliberative bodies.

This may play into decentralized networking as many things do. A crucial question when it comes to online voting is identity verification and fraud.

I speculate that a large and highly connected and weighted mesh network of cryptographic identities (not unlike naturally occurring organic communities and relationships) could go further in solving the identity issue.

Social Networking Services

Online networking services are essential nowadays. There is a lot of improvement to be made in this space that I will eventually elaborate on.

We emphasize those who are otherwise unconnected or under connected. Those with disabilities and those who are antisocial or otherwise not able to easily form connections and relationships on their own.

An area of interest is interest and affinity groups.

Leftist Website Services

Many leftist organizations are not technically inclined and pay for services such as WordPress.

There are existing static hosting services which are free such as GitHub pages. We can provide supporting services such as code generation and embeddable dynamic services such as analytics.

At some point the website services could be better integrated into our social hub platform.

Gaming and Interactive Simulation



Voxim stands for Voxel Simulation. It is a video game that I have been planning and researching on for several years.

Media, Entertainment and Propaganda

We will do /media/. This includes music. More of a focus and quality and meaning vs quantity.

Greenie Media is the official outlet right now.

Complex Large Scale Data Manipulation and Management

This also plays into decentralization and mesh technologies

Mesh and Cryptography


Physical Decentralization

Physical decentralization of the means of production is crucial for further development. People should have the same opportunities no matter where they live and access to production plays into that.

We should no longer be relying on single countries and centralized infrastructure and factories for the necessities of modern life. That should be local.

Digital Decentralization

Mass Collaboration

The internment itself has enabled mass forms of collaboration and cooperation, but there is still more work to do!

Travel, Mobility, Migration and Exploration

This is a right that we will try to uphold. It is fundamental to modern society.

Karma and Social Currency


We will provide a social credit system through Green Empower that will be a service for internal and external use by other organizations.

Legal, Judicial and Legislative

We will pursue progressive legal actions if and when it's deemed worthwhile.

Climate Change

This is a huge and existential issue for the masses. It will likely not impact people equally based on demographics and socio-economics.

It is important to me that if we manage to survive climate change that we make sure that the society which emerges was worth fighting for in the first place. Let us hope that history doesn't keep repeating itself in the way it has.


Modern industrial society and environments can be alienating due to their lack of naturality.

We should seek to find a better balance keeping in mind nature and naturality. Artificial and natural life don't have to be directly opposed. Nature is based on science and laws just as our machines and materials are....

Reverse Engineering and Open Alternatives

There is potential in the act of creating alternatives to proprietary software and even direct replacements.

Party and Celebration

Life should be enjoyable and the right type of festive attitude can help with that and we will facilitate it.

Resiliency Mechanisms

We should build machines and such to be more resilient.

Exploitation: Abolition and Human Trafficking

Exploitation of all forms is an issue.

I once was involved with an underground abolition group mainly focused on rescuing minors and stopping their systemic sexual exploitation.

It was eye opening and disturbing to learn more of the depths of cruelty that exist.

Human trafficking and exploitation are unacceptable and we will do whatever we can to eradicate them.

Right to Repair

We need to expand right to repair. It is part of a larger pattern of exploitative patterns from large tech companies.

Thank you Louis Rossmann for your work on this!


Standardization works to enable greater scales of cooperation. For this reason it is a priority.


Access to Information

I think this is a more modern approach to education rights in the digital age.

Fair and Stable Property Allocation

People should have their property guaranteed to the greatest extent possible. No person should own more property then another unless it's through fair contract or similar means.

Ideally no one should be priced out of their land or property either.

Civil Rights

Digital Rights



So many people including myself are reliant on pills and pharmaceuticals for living. It is unconscionable that these large exploitative companies, enabled by capitalism and a corrupt patent system, have such a strangle hold over us.

Pharmaceuticals have a large capacity to do good for people. It is a shame that the US government bans drugs such as psilocybin which are natural and potentially very beneficial when used correctly.

People should have access to drugs. There should be support safety and support mechanisms in place, but generally the government should avoid protecting people from themselves or employ costs and bureaucracy that prevents people from using drugs that could do a lot to improve their lives.


Frontiers are new areas of exploration. Exploring frontiers offers a way to benefit all of humanity if riches are spread evenly.

Space Exploration

The benefits of space exploration are great.

Anarchist Services and Software

There seems to be a need for more anarchist organization administrative protocols and software. This is an area of interest for Green Empower.

Romantic, Sexual and Reproduction

Green Empower will facilitate services for people who have trouble finding romantic partners traditionally.

Everyone deserves a chance to find love and propagate.

Language and Linguistics

Language manipulation, synthesis and education are areas of interest the Green Empower.

Minority Rights and Issues

Young Persons' Rights, Issues and Services

Our society often sees young people as just a burdensome precursor to adulthood. This is absolutely wrong headed and dangerous. Youth is time that ought to be as enjoyable and rewarding for youths as we can make it because that will determine the type of people that emerge through adulthood and older years.

Child Care

In so many cases in America adults are failing youths. The childhoods of so many Americans are traumatic often due to failing systems.

Sustainability and Environmental Health

Political Work

Green Empower will enact programs to change our politics. Green Empower is a political organization.



Price Control

People deserve to know what they are paying for when they buy something and to have that cost be reasonably pegged to the actual cost of production.

Green Empower will work to facilitate and work to uphold that ideal.

Mutual Aid

We will work/contract with other leftists. Specifically we will develop infrastructure and well defined specialties that are valuable to other organizations which share our ideology, leftism and strategic framework to advance our goals.

Diplomacy and Outreach


Speculating is a possible mode of income for Green Empower. I am researching this further.

Resource Allocation

This plays into resource management.


We need to share more as a species.


Mass and potentially scientific experimentation to discover new things that cannot be thought of logically or even creatively.


One application of optimization is to produce things necessary for survival using less space or resources. Example: synthesizing food rather than growing it.

Compounding Interest

Albert Einstein reportedly said that compounding interest is one of if not the most powerful force in the world.

How do we handle compounding interest? Is it inherently evil or just a tool to be used for good or bad? Compounding interest allows for capitalists to benefit from exploiting other people. Maybe it is possible for our organization to use compounding interest for good, otherwise it needs to be challenged.

Safety Nets

Support Systems


By establishing human rights we work towards creating and raising a social and material floor for people to fall back on and gain safety.

Minimum wages are a material and economic floor.

Civic Engagement

Civic engagement is crucial for a healthy and functioning democracy, but it is also very crucial for the functioning of most socialistic societies that rely on governance by the many rather than the few. This is why it is an area of concern and service for Green Empower.


Small increases in productivity in actions that are repeated often add up to large savings. One area of interest is in more streamlined and automated computing experiences as many people (including myself) spend much of their lives working with computers.

I theorize that we could make software paradigm and frameworks for increasing our productivity digitally.

Personal Development and Education

Too much of modern American education has been co opted by capitalists to advance their aims rather than the well being and successful full development of most.

A crucial aspect of our model of education is to recognize the young person or adult as a whole person.

Each person needs time and space to develop into their best self. We simply facilitate that and provide as much help and resources in that process as possible.

Specifically it's important to recognize that people don't need to narrow their focus into one degree or field. The forces and limitations of competing under capitalism should not make it into education where our purpose is to provide rather than take.

Anticapitalist Economics

We will develop tools to aid in the transition away from capitalistic modes of business.

One major area of concern is in currency and capital. As long as long as individuals are allowed to be the beneficiaries of compounding interest than we have a crisis relating to democracy.

True forms of democracy demand that individuals have voices that are more or less equal. When an individual is able to amass huge sums of capital off the backs of others, it's hard to argue that their voices are equal. Under this condition the latter person has a much greater capacity to influence his condition and the condition of society in his vicinity and of his interest.


Philanthropy seems to be more or less a bad word in leftist circles.

I am concerned with philanthropy as a form of leftist mutual aid. This organization will regularly make contributions to persons and entities who are acceptable based on our criteria, primarily derived from the values, priorities and philosophy detailed in this document.

We hope to encourage a culture of small scale philanthropy that is wholesome, altruistic and collective rather than capitalist and individualistic.

Positive Proliferation and Feedback

As the rich get richer through greed and ruthlessness it seems hard to do much about it.

Doing something about it is a large and complex operation.

The core tenet of our approach is to promote Positive Proliferation and fight Negative Proliferation.

This means that we strengthen ourselves by strengthen others and proliferation the values which we see as positive to mankind and the environment.

We audit our enemies deeply. We do not underestimate them and when we see that doing harm we cut that off at the legs.


We need to be our own payments platform.


We shall audit ourselves and other organizations to help cut down on waste.

Consumer Guidance and Lifestyle

Currently there are a number of websites that provide guidance on how to make decisions and how to live.

They may review household products or provide life hacks.

We should provide this service from the perspective of leftists.