A main function of Green Empower will be to generate income in generally non-destructive ways and redistribute that periodically to individuals without discrimination. (Essentially a Universal Basic Income program)

A main function of Green Empower will be to provide migratory and travel services. Everyone should have the right to travel, interact with people of different backgrounds and choose where they want to live.

A main function of Green Empower will be to engage in and influence politics, primarily in America.

A main function of Green Empower will be to establish and facilitate a network of communes for recreational, scientific, social and production purposes.

A main function of Green Empower will be outreach, diplomacy, mutual aid, foreign aid. Notably we will form partnerships and relationships with other like minded or strategically significant organizations and individuals. We will help each other out by providing services and sharing resources. Notably we will provide aid to foreign entities who are in need and/or are like minded. This could mean working with a foreign individual, organization or government. Or doing so in a coordinated and strategic manner to bolster an ally state.

A main function of Green Empower will be to provide substantial services to youths of various needs and to proliferate higher standards of rights and agency for youths. Youths in America are being failed and negatively indoctrinated in mass, but special attention should, by necessity, be paid to youths who are most in need or are not being properly categorized by other organizations as needing assistance. We shall work to continually advance the rights of youths and also recognize that youths (just like adults) are not a monolith.

Green Empower will seek to aid in the creation of a new state. A new state provides a fresh start to develop into what we want without needing to pull an existing state in our favored direction.

Green Empower will provide software services. We will build software products and systems for our organization and other organizations generally for the advancement of leftism.

Green Empower will buy many acres of property for our enterprise and to establish communes and other things.

Green Empower will substantially act and operate as an intellectual body and we will incorporate that apparatus into all of our operations. Essentially we are an intelligencia.

We will keep track of certain individuals and organizations. We will profile them and create dossiers among other things. We will practice counter-intelligence and related things.

We shall inherit our philosophy on software from the Free Software Foundation and the free and open source software movements generally. Specifically we shall employ free software in our operations and will license our digital products under free and open licenses and licenses which generally disallow practices such as profiteering and propriety.

We shall provide services to indigenous and historically disadvantaged and marginalized populations internationally.

We shall provide counseling services and we will contain a substantial infrastructure in psychology as a part of our ingrained intellectual body. Our service and methods will be greatly informed by natural science, evolution, biology, history and our doctrine.

We shall provide critical services such as medical and preventative care to those who are poor, relatively young or underserved.

Green Empower will deal in genetic modification and engineering.

Green Empower could be useful in providing me and others with sustainable employment. This is a valuable proposition when compared to working with a typical American company or agency, as they are very likely to be implicitly capitalist and and/or non-desirable for leftists.

We may administer a crypto currency. This crypto currency will be regulated by us so that it acts like a stock in our organization. - pay attention the FEC's lawsuit against LBRY for selling unregistered securities.

We shall run candidates. They shall be very engineered. They will get into office and act on behalf of our agenda.

We shall fund the revolution. As our organizational structure will facilitate our own capitalist-like accumulation of wealth we shall expect to have funds which we can distribute to other groups and individuals. So we shall strategically distribute it in the aim of empowering others to carry out leftist dominance against capitalist oppression.

GEM will draft proposals and plans for consideration by the community at large.