The Green Empower Organization: Drafting and Construction

Welcome to the Green Empower Organization.

My name is Holden Green ( Contact me at if you are interested in being founder/member or would otherwise like to engage on the topic of Green Empower.

Green Empower will eventually operate as a member owned investing, charity, public interest and activism organization. We will initially provide a number of digital & online hosting services to our members.

In the future we will accept new members through a standard process. Only one membership is allowed per person. Members will be required to pay a basic rate to the organization. This rate will likely be somewhere around 50 cents, but is subject to change.

After a cumulative period of time (possibly 4 years) members will begin to receive periodic kick-back taken as a fraction of organization profit.

Initial areas of research include: The game and interactive simulation Voxim, Media & Entertainment and Mesh + Cryptography tech.

I will use this organization to delegate ownership over my projects and research. I will soon infuse Green Empower with about $3000 in currency and assets.

I am in the process of of drafting initial founding document/documents which will likely be hosted on this website. Concurrently I am also working on marketing, graphics, symbolism and outreach among other things. Email if interested!