The Green Empower Organization

Drafting and Construction

Welcome to the Green Empower Organization.

My name is Holden Green ( Contact me at or if you are interested in Green Empower or would like to be added to our channels or anything else.

Green Empower is a intersectional liberation and altruistic collective anarchist organization working to empower, elevate and develop humanity and society.

"For every genius we see rise to glory, there are millions or even billions squandered by society, never to give their ideas to the world" - Vtron

"I am, somehow, less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein's brain than in the near certainty that people of equal talent have lived and died in cotton fields and sweatshops." - Stephen Jay Gould

Green Empower will promote mass cooperation and altruism. In many ways we believe that a person should be judged by how they treat other people.

We seek solutions. Life is complicated not every issue has an easy remedy, but... What sets us apart is that we try to keep our focus broad and this allows us to analyze issues holisticly and find intersectionality. Ultimately allowing us to get to the root of our problems.

The full scope of Green Empower is still being determined; but: Green Empower may eventually operate as a member owned investing, charity, public interest and progressive activism organization.

Green Empower will conduct research and create and provide many services and goods. Some of our functions may have to directly compensate for where our society is seriously lacking.

A main function of Green Empower will be to generate income in generally non-destructive ways and redistribute that periodically to individuals without discrimination. (Essentially a Universal Basic Income program)

Initial areas of research include: cheaper living innovation and alternatives, social media services, gaming and interactive simulation (Voxim), media, entertainment, music and propaganda (Greenie Media), complex large scale media manipulation and management, mesh + cryptography tech, digital and physical decentralization of production and more, mass collaboration, travel, mobility, migration and exploration, karma and social currency (karma), judicial and legislative pursuits, rewilding, party and celebratory services and products (party), resiliency mechanisms, combating human trafficking (trafficking).

I will use this organization to delegate ownership over my projects and research. I will soon infuse Green Empower with about $3000 in currency and assets.

I am in the process of drafting initial founding document/documents which will likely be hosted on this website. Concurrently I am also working on marketing, graphics, symbolism and outreach among other things. Email if interested!


We name saints who represent our ideals.

We fix everyday injustices.

We avoid competition generally in favor of cooperation.


Services, Issues and Areas of Research

Lower Cost of Living Innovation and Alternatives

Social Networking Services

Gaming and Interactive Simulation

Media, Entertainment, Music and Propaganda

Complex Large Scale Data Manipulation and Management

Mesh and Cryptography

Physical and Digital Decentralization

Mass Collaboration

Travel, Mobility, Migration and Exploration

Karma and Social Currency

Legal, Judicial and Legislative


Party and Celebration

Resiliancy Mechanisms

Abolition and Human Trafficking


Civil Rights




Space Exploration

Anarchist Services and Software

Liability Management

Romantic, Sexual and Reproduction

Language and Linguistics

Minority Rights and Issues

Young Persons' Rights and Issues

Sustainability and Environmental Health


Price Control

Diplomacy and Outreach